Every Pole’s A Goal

Every Pole's A Goal - Ladder

If there’s one thing most aerialists can’t resist, it’s the urge to play on anything that resembles a pole or other apparatus.

Whether it’s a butterfly on the kiddie’s play park, a chopper in the woods or even just some acro in the park most of us will have given in to temptation at some point and had a play on a rather unconventional bit of urban or rural playground.

Most of my non-pole friends can’t understand it, some are even embarrassed when I decide to dangle myself upside down on something but thankfully most will be a helpful photographer to capture the moment. The ability to transfer aerial skills learnt in the studio to real world situations lends itself to create some inventive photograph’s.

Wherever I go I find myself scouting out new and interesting places to play. Not only do we get to satisfy our desire to play on the outdoor equipment provided but it can also draw attention and, in turn, entice more people into the pole community as they ask about where we learnt to do that and comment on the strength it must take.

Obviously, it can gain attention from the wrong kind of people too, performing a chopper in a skirt while baring your pants for all to see might not be for everyone, but that’s why we’ll often plan if we have the feeling some ‘urban poling’ might occur.

Every Pole's A Goal - Image 2

I often find myself wearing a play suit for a night out…just in case the opportunity arises. Or wearing a top that will allow me to pop out a cheeky shoulder mount whenever I so wish. You only have to look up the hashtags #urbanpole or #streetpole on Instagram to find thousands of examples of people enjoying their art in the most unusual, and often beautiful, of surroundings.

I take every chance I get to pole on anything that’s safe, as I’m sure you can tell from my photo’s, but while I’m on that note, please pole sensibly people. Test whether the item you want to play on is able to take your weight, I’ve landed on my bum in the woods learning that lesson personally! Be careful of splinters on wood or rusted poles, also be aware that some surfaces will be slippier or grippier than what you may be used to.

Be aware of your surroundings and don’t pole drunk…unless you’re sure of yourself not to land on your head and you’ve got a sensible spotter nearby. So, get out there, have fun, get some spectacular photos and enjoy yourself.

The world is literally your playground!

Every Pole's A Goal - Image 3KelleSig

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