Getting Motivated


For me, being motivated plays a big part in doing exercise and it’s possibly why I struggle. I wouldn’t say I’m lazy, I’m certainly not overweight and I rarely eat junk food or drink alcohol, but I’m by no means fit. I get out of breath quite easily and my resting heart rate has been up to 114 bpm these last few weeks!

A few years ago, I tried the gym, which when I first started I loved. My friend Kayleigh and I went regularly for a couple of months, working out together, joining classes and swimming. After a while the novelty wore off, I ended up going alone most times and eventually stopped. I then got into Pole Dancing and Aerial Hoop which made me feel strong and energised but also self-conscious at the same time and I struggled going alone, so stopped. Again. (I seem to be a bit of a quitter!)

​In April this year, some friends introduced me to British Military Fitness. At first I thought they were joking but went along to one of their charity boot camp type sessions in Pittville Park, Cheltenham. It was the middle of April; cold, wet and incredibly muddy. All I could think about was getting my hands dirty and the instructors shouting abuse like they do on the T.V. and in the army. OK, so I did get horrendously dirty but the instructors were so upbeat and really motivated you to keep you going, even if you were last!

Walking up Mount Calva
Walking up Great Calva

​I came home feeling sore and achy, but overwhelmed and excited for the next go. I went again to a normal session and signed up straight away for 6 months. During that time, I tried to go a few times a week. It was hard in the summer, but I persisted, sometimes going straight after work so I didn’t come home and think of all the other things I could be doing. I felt great! My mood improved, I slept better – I even started running and managed to walk a strenuous 22.5km up Great Calva for Wateraid – something I wouldn’t have agreed to, let alone completed a few months back.

Then the colder weather set in, the nights drew closer and my motivation fizzled. I haven’t been to BMF for around 6 weeks so I cancelled my subscription yesterday, disappointment with myself for giving up. I didn’t see the point in paying for something I wasn’t going to and making myself feel useless for not going every time I saw the direct debit disappear from my bank account. So, I asked two of my friends what motivates them to exercise so I can try and re-start my regime:

“The feeling I get after I do it. It makes me feel great. Knowing that it’s good for you and healthy. You get a hunger for good food. And knowing that it keeps me trim and fit and muscly.” – Hannah

“The feeling of accomplishment and being able to tell I’m getting stronger. Also, the social aspect. It’s no fun working out on your own!” – Caz

I have given myself a mini exercise plan and I’m going to work hard to stay motivated, not because it’s nearly 2017 everyone is throwing New Years’ Resolutions around, but because of a few words my partner said when I started BMF that stuck in my head – “You’ll be around for longer.”

What motivates you to stay fit and healthy? I’d love to hear from you. ​


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