Under the Electric Sky

EDC United Kingdom 2016

Jodie at EDC UK 2016It has admittedly taken me a while to get this mini blog entry done (and it is my first so bare with me) but Electric Daisy Carnival takes some getting over as well as finding time to do it justice.

This was my third year at EDC UK and it hasn’t and didn’t fail to be anything but amazing. Each year there is an incredible amount of effort put into not only the music and artists but the entire production. The extravagant scenery, decorations and props alongside the team that were wearing costumes only added to the whole experience visually. Everywhere you go there is a smiling face and people buzzing around trying to work out where to venture to next.

The event itself actually spans across the whole of the Milton Keynes bowl (which for those who don’t know is huge!) and has a compilation of tents, food stands, bars, fair ground rides and vibrant props set out just for fun! The main arena itself is mind blowing with the attention to detail, lights and dancers leaving your eyes glued to it at all times. This is before you even take into consideration the sound system which certainly blows away the cobwebs while filling you with the festival vibes. The main highlights for me music wise had to be Axwell and Ingrosso; both sets were outstanding, everyone went crazy and got together to just forget everything and enjoy the moment.

With the variety of music available to listen to no one is left unsatisfied and even though some of the other tents can get a little cosy to say he least, they only get the party vibes flowing and get close and personal with all your fellow carnival lovers! A couple of other artists that were a must to see were Andy C, Avicci, Sigma and Martin Garrix too.

Looking back now I could never say which year was my favourite but one things is for sure and without doubt, is that every time I leave those gates I am eager to book up ready for the next year…definitely a date to put in the calendar fellow festival folks.


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